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API Automation with RestSharp

Who Manil Kapoor
When 6-8pm Mon 20-Jul-2020
Where The GridAKL (John Lysaght Building) 101 Pakenham St West or through the laneway off Halsey St
$$ 2.62GBP (~$5NZD)
Event Links Slack #restsharp_workshop
meetup API Automation with RestSharp

Aim Of The Workshop

In this workshop :

i) I will be teaching how to create basic API test first using POSTMAN.

ii) Then automate above test using Specflow and C#.netcore + RestSharp.

iii) I will be creating a basic API Test Automation Framework.

iv) Running above tests as part of Azure Devops Pipeline. Hence, showcasing the CI/CD process in test automation.

Required knowledge

  • Basic Programming ( no stress, workshop will be easy to follow)
  • What is Specflow or Cucumber.
  • POSTMAN basic usage.


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