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Our online workshops are fairly relaxed flexible affairs, we expect people to have tried the steps before attending, but no worries if you're stuck. In the evenings, starting at 8pm, we'll do a 30 min or so live call with everyone and check how everyone went, to resolve any issues, and discuss what we'll aim to get done tomorrow. Feel free to chatter on the slack channel, it's a good place for help if you get stuck.

Our face-to-face workshops are also easy going events, but bring your laptop, power supply, mouse etc. and try and get a comfy seat & setup before kickoff time. The WiFi may not always be the best at the venue, so try make sure you've got the required software downloaded, and checked that it works for you.


Title Who When Slack Channel
API Test Automation using RestSharp Manil Kapoor 6-8pm Mon 20-July-2020 #restsharp_workshop
ISTQB Foundations Course (16hrs) Kate Nesmyelova Sat 26-Sep-2020 & Sun 27-Sep-2020 9am-5pm each day TBD
.net Framework(POM) Ramandeep Kaur TBD Kate Nesmyelova TBD
Postman Vincent Dirks TBD
Visual Testing Manil Kapoor TBD
Docker Basics Olesia & Manil TBD
Setting up Restful Booker Platform Vincent Dirks TBD
Execute selenium tests in Docker and Selenium Grid Manil Kapoor TBD
Automated checks in Azure devops CI/CD pipeline Manil Kapoor TBD
Robotframework Ramandeep Kaur TBD


Title Who When Slack Channel
API Mocks Ali Haydar Tue 2-Jun-2020 - Thu 4-June-2020 #api_mocking_workshop
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