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-====== Welcome to the Ministry of Testing (Auckland)'s Wiki ======+====== Ministry of Testing Auckland ======
-Nothing too much to see here just yet... +  * Welcome to our Wiki where we document stuff worth keeping
-but we have got some workshops happening soongo to [[wiki:workshops|workshops]] to see what's happening there+  * Check us out on [[|Meetup]] to see our calendar of events 
 +  * Join the discussionsor reach out to us on [[|slack]] 
 +  * We welcome anyone that wants to edit & contribute to the MoT Akl wiki, [[|register here]], and reply to the registration email to request to become an editor.  
 +===== Current/Recent Workshops ===== 
 +Checkout the [[wiki:workshops|workshops]] page for scheduled and previous workshops.   
 +|[[wiki:workshops:restsharp|API Automation with RestSharp]] | Manil Kapoor | Mon 6-8pm 20-Jul-2020 | [[|#restsharp_workshop]] | 
 +|[[wiki:workshops:api-mocks|API Mocks]]              | Ali Haydar      | <del>Tue 2-Jun-2020 - Thu 4-June-2020</del> | [[|#api_mocking_workshop]] | 
 +===== 30 Days Challenges ===== 
 +We are currently doing the [[|30 days of Testability Challenge]] 
 +Join the challenge and discussions on the [[|#30-days-of-testability]] slack channel 
 +We're looking for someone to keep a record of the useful things we find, share, and say, onto a new wiki page: [[wiki:30-days-challenges:testability|30 Days of Testability]], are you up for it?  
 +===== Projects ===== 
 +We sometimes do little projects like the one shown below, have a read, and feel free to contribute 
 +  * testing the [[wiki:projects:NZ-Covid-Tracing-App|NZ Covid Tracing App]]
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